Permanent Dental Crowns: Care Instructions

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We are delighted to offer dental crowns at College Hill Dental Group. Permanent dental crowns can work miracles for your pearly whites, and they take only a simple effort to maintain. Look out for your dental crowns and shield your chompers and dental health by taking note of and practicing these tips straight from Dr. Haslam and the College Hill Dental Group staff.

The broadest and greatest recommendation we can give about caring for your permanent dental crowns is to monitor how they’re feeling. Teeth naturally move around and change positions over time, but dental crowns do not. If your crown starts to feel too large or too small for your oral cavity, tell us about it. If you start experiencing sensitivity in the tooth with the crown, some of the adhesive from the crown could have become dislodged, and we’ll need to see you for repair; loose crowns or crowns that have been lost will also need to be restored in our office. Finally, although it’s very uncommon, it’s possible to have a reaction to metal crowns, so reach out to us if your crown is reacting with the nearby gums in your oral cavity.

Corvallis, Oregon, residents can pencil in a checkup with Dr. Haslam by calling 541-753-8365 and talking to the College Hill Dental Group team.