Plaque Prevention for Content Smiles

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Building up your oral health care repertoire includes making sure you’re aware of all aspects of your oral health care that could potentially be doing damage to your smile. One particularly harmful one is due to plaque. If plaque is not contained, it can severely break down your oral health and lead to tooth decay, gum disease and several other oral health risks. To help eliminate plaque, establish effective oral hygiene routines, eat a healthy diet, and eliminate unhealthy products in your mouth that can contribute to the rise of debris and bacteria.

An effective oral hygiene routine including brushing and flossing daily will be needed if plaque buildup is present. Through the use of brushing twice daily and flossing once a day, you can help remove debris and bacteria that often comprise plaque buildup. Furthermore, consider using alternative cleaning utensils such as mouthwash and chewing sugarless gum after meals. Through an effective oral hygiene routine along with a healthy diet, you can drastically minimize your risks associated with plaque buildup.

Taking care of your smile in the face of plaque buildup includes making sure that you’re aware of all risks associated with plaque buildup and providing your smile the appropriate oral hygiene care that it needs. If plaque buildup is allowed to continue to occur, eventually tartar will develop. Tartar cannot be cleaned off without the help of your dentist. Standard brushing and flossing tools will not be strong enough to remove the residue. If tartar buildup should occur, visit your dentist. Furthermore, your dentist can provide you with professional cleanings every 6 months with an additional level of oral health care.

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