What Do I Do if I Have a Toothache?

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Experiencing persistent tooth pain is not an uncommon ordeal, but it is one that many patients don’t know how to address properly. It is never a good idea to simply ignore dental pain, since doing so will just lead to increased discomfort and require more expensive dental work later on down the road. Our dental team is eager to help you address ongoing tooth pain so that you can enjoy a healthy smile free of dental problems.

First, be aware that there are many causes of a toothache, and the reason for painful teeth can range from a stuck object wedged in the teeth that is causing irritation to a more serious dental health problem such as oral infection, cavities, gum disease or cracked teeth. The type of treatment you receive will depend on the source and severity of your discomfort.

At the first sign of a toothache, you should seek professional dental assistance so that you can receive the most conservative dental treatment possible and avoid any costly repairs. Our experienced dentist can determine the reason behind your dental pain and provide customized toothache treatment accordingly. This may come in the form of antibiotics, a deep cleaning for infection or having you undergo root canal therapy.

If you are unable to see the dentist right away, you can first use home remedies for a toothache to relieve your discomfort by clearing stuck objects from your teeth or reducing your dental pain with a cool compress applied to your outer cheek. To learn more about how to treat a toothache in Corvallis, Oregon, please call 541-753-8365 today to schedule a visit with Dr. Haslam at College Hill Dental Group.