Why Dental Implants Can Be So Effective

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Many patients consider dental veneers and dental crowns to restore a tooth, and often overlook or aren’t aware of dental implants. Some consider the lack of titanium screws to make crowns and veneers the more appealing choice, but dental implants can provide benefits that other cosmetic procedures don’t–in fact, dental implants can be even more effective for your smile for these three reasons:

Complete Tooth Replacement
What sets dental implants apart from other tooth replacement options is that they fully replace the missing tooth’s appearance and function, which other restorations can’t do, especially if the original tooth was unable to be saved with root canal treatment first.

Natural Look and Feel
Dental implants appear fully natural, and everyone but you and your dentist will think they are your actual teeth, helping you to feel confident in social situations and when taking photos.

Long-Lasting Results
If you practice excellent oral health habits for the rest of your life, your dental implants can last just as long, potentially outliving your natural teeth.

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